Leonard Cohen


My first drawing with Manga Studio. I like the brush tools immensely and am looking forward to having the time to explore the program properly.



A character from a 1930s murder mystery, for a language textbook. Flash & Photoshop



Part of the final scene of Ferg Handley’s WWI story for football comic FOUL! Graphite on watercolour paper

The sha-man of the North Pole

Father Alan Christmas

Painted for a comic art charity auction. Watercolour & salt

The Day Of The Triffids

The Day Of The Triffids

In 2004 I wrote and drew a 12 part comic strip adaptation of John Wyndham’s novel. Graphite on watercolour paper

Wild Tundra


Wild Tundra was a story by Noel K Hannan, set in post-nuclear Siberia. Watercolour, crayon, gouache


2000AD Future Shocks

Head was my second Future Shock for 2000AD and the first one I didn’t write. The story was Jamie Woolley’s. Marker pen on Bristol board