2011 in pictures

For a quick review of our 2011, illustrated by images we created this year, click this link


An ELT illustration for Oxford University Press. This year I tried to use texture more carefully, and with greater consideration.


Happy owner of a Rob Davis Don Quixote print
February saw the first Cardiff Comic Expo. Thanks to Rob Davis, I came away with a beautiful Don Quixote print for my boy’s room.


The Master, illustration in Doctor Who Magazine by Simon Gurr
In March I realised a long-held ambition to work for Doctor Who Magazine, which was a big influence on me in its earlier incarnation Doctor Who Weekly. (This job was also thanks in part to Rob Davis).


Fox, with inset showing mange
We finally saw a clear improvement in the health of the vixen which regularly visited the studio, after giving her a course of mange treatment. Later, during my six months working away, she stopped coming.


Abney & Teal
My first full month producing storyboards for The Adventures of Abney and Teal at Ragdoll.


Siren from Doctor Who by Simon Gurr
Doctor Who continued to be an inspiration, this vector image inspired by Lily Cole’s appearance in The Curse Of The Black Spot.


Portrait of Lucian Freud by Simon Gurr
Sadly, the art world lost Lucian Freud in July.


Portrait of Phil Davidson by Simon Gurr
One of the highlights of the summer was the three-day 60th birthday party of the luthier Phil Davidson. This portrait of Phil was his birthday present from us.


The Lord Mayor of Bristol unveils "Some More Who Have Made Bristol Famous', a painting by Simon Gurr, at the Spielman Centre, Arnos Vale
This month my large watercolour group portrait Some More Who Have Made Bristol Famous was unveiled. It is now on public display at the Spielman Centre, Arnos Vale.


Tumblr images for October
In October I started a tumblr. I’ve enjoyed posting on it.


Portrait of Nicholas Courtney by Simon Gurr
At November’s BristolCon 11, I met writer Simon Barnard and we’re now working together on something I’m very excited about.


Portrait of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn by Simon GurrThis portrait of Solzhenitsyn is one of the most recent drawings I made with a Pentel brushpen. More than anything this year, I have enjoyed using brushpens. I love the speed of the brush contact with paper and the expressive potential of the strokes. It has really felt like a breakthrough, and I’m looking forward to pushing it further next year.

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