Happy birthday 2000AD

When I was 35 I had a mortgage, a full-time office job and headaches.
2000AD is 35 this week and has killer viruses, dinosaurs, demons, aliens, mutants, werewolves…
I’m glad one of us hasn’t grown up.

I thought this landmark anniversary would be a good opportunity to write about our long history together; the weekly instalments of Thrill-Power I experienced as a kid, the multiple rejections and everything that followed.

My earliest memory of the UK’s foremost weekly science-fiction comic is the spectacle of two giant demolition robots smashing each other to pieces in the middle of an English town.


Ro-Busters - The Terra-Meks, art by Dave Gibbons © Rebellion

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Recent drawings Jan – Feb

Portraits of Ingrid Pitt for #DrawHammerHorror
Ingrid Pitt for #DrawHammerHorror
Georges Brassens and Leo Ferre
Georges Brassens and Léo Ferré
Salome and Joe
Salome, lowland gorilla. Joe in the snow.
Jemaine and Ash
Jemaine Clemaine from Flight of the Conchords. Ash from Alien
Style tests for new strip
Character tests for new strip
Style tests & character sketches for new comic.