The Scarifyers

It’s always nice to be able to blog about big, exciting news. I’ve been working hard on the first issue of a brand new comic which is at the printers now and will be available to buy in just a couple of weeks at Bristol Comic Expo, then at Kapow! a week later available from the Bafflegab shop. That comic is THE SCARIFYERS issue 1, written by series creator Simon Barnard and sporting a very handsome cover from ligne claire legend Garen Ewing.

The Scarifyers is already a successful audio adventure series, starring Terry Molloy (the voice of Davros or Mike Tucker, depending on your familiarity with Doctor Who or The Archers) and, initially, the late great Nicholas Courtney. The comic adapts part one of the first audio adventure: The Nazad Conspiracy, and Simon B. has skilfully re-written it for a visual form.

Set in 1936 London, the story follows Detective Inspector Lionheart’s investigation of a mysterious death at the home of academic and ghost author Professor Dunning. The spookiness is laced with plenty of humour and witty cultural references and, as you would expect from an audio play, the dialogue sparkles.


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