Six-Gun Gorilla

If Saturday is your usual comic-buying day, be sure to look out for this new title from Boom Studios.It’s fair to say that Six-Gun Gorilla by Si Spurrier & Jeff Stokely is my new favourite comic.


I obviously like gorillas (hence the name Gurr Illustration), and I love Westerns – but in Si Spurrier’s hands I expected Six-Gun Gorilla to be much greater than the sum of those two parts. My hopes were so high that I even made a bit of ‘fan art’ having only read the preview.

Six Gun Gorilla fan art by SImon Gurr

I picked up a copy of issue 1 on the day it came out and I wasn’t disappointed. Jeff Stokely’s art is new to me but I really enjoyed it, and the writing was as bizarre, big and beautiful as I’ve come to expect from Si Spurrier, having followed his work for over a decade. (Here’s a 9.6/10 review if you want a second opinion!) It’s the strongest first issue of any comic I’ve read for a long time and I can’t wait to see how it unfolds.

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