140 CHARACTERS notes: 2009

140 CHARACTERS is a small sketchbook of some of the drawings I‘ve posted on Twitter. In the previous post I talked about the images from 2008 which make up the first chapter of the book. Here are the drawings from 2009.

Brush & marker pen on paper
Sketchbook drawing of Pete Postlethwaite, done for my own enjoyment.

Nameless man (Unpublished comic set in 1950s London)
Indian ink & gum arabic on paper
This character is an anonymous McGuffin who we follow through a pea-souper in postwar London. I drew about five pages of this story for a proposal.

Graphite on paper, edited in Photoshop
My entry for a ‘draw Sherlock Holmes‘ Twitter competition. I decided to show Holmes in his bee-keeping retirement, as mentioned in His Last Bow.

Josella The Day Of The Triffids
Graphite on watercolour paper
Panels from my comic strip adaptation of The Day Of The Triffids, which was serialised in The Bristol Evening Post in 2004. (I sometimes sell pages of original artwork from this project, that’s probably why I was posting them on Twitter in 2009.)

Graphite, in sketchbook
My eldest son, who I don’t draw as much as I’d like.

Mardik Leopold • Yara Rood • Abe Bouw • Rogier Mollenberg • Redmond O’Hanlon • Hans Witte • Tijs Goldscmidt • Cesar Recalde • Daniel Westera
Graphite and PITT Artist pens in sketchbook
Drawings made on location in Argentina and Uruguay and at sea between Montevideo and Puerto Belgrano. We were filming weekly episodes of the Dutch TV series Beagle, in het kielzog van Darwin (In Darwin’s wake)

Grey Gorilla
Marker pens, tones added in Photoshop
Grey Gorilla is a superhero who was created by Iyare & me on his BBC 6 Music Breakfast Show.

Black Hole Man • Halo Jones
Vector drawing • Graphite on detail paper
The lefthand drawing was a warm-up sketch, apparently influenced by the great American cartoonist Charles Burns‘s 1995-2005 series Black Hole. The image on the right is part of the pencil underdrawing for the first issue of 2000AD fanzine Zarjaz’s wraparound cover.

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