12-hour comic half marathon

Inspired by the star-studded 24-hour comics marathon which Dan Berry is running for this year’s Lakes International Comic Art Festival, I wanted to try making a 24-hour comic myself. However, domestic and professional time pressures meant that was impossible this month, so I decided to do a 12-hour ‘half marathon’ instead.

I started at 7PM on 11th Feb (with only a vague idea of what I was going to do) and finished at 7 this morning.











It was an interesting drawing and writing exercise. I tried to use a fast and simple technique (brushpen with pale blue marker for second colour, thick and thin edges of a calligraphy marker for panel borders and lettering respectively) but the style meanders greatly over the 12 hours -to my eyes at least. I had set out to make it quite a personal comic but was surprised at how much I opened up emotionally. It was a real struggle to write coherent sentences after about 2AM.

My one regret was that I only managed 10 pages, I had hoped for at least 12 and had to cut an important sequence. I think I would more than double that in a 24 hr session because I was already tired and the 12 hours of daytime would be much more productive than the 12 hours of night.

On a related note, Dan’s CAT ISLAND, a colour comic created in just 20 hours at Angoulême two years ago, is available to buy here.

Finally, here’s an Ally Sloper’s Half Holiday front page (I ripped off the design for the masthead).

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