Who are you again?

A lot of the comics I’ve drawn or written have had a fairly small audience (or a big audience, but in a small location), chances are you’ve missed them. So here are ten comics I’ve done or am doing.

Comics written and drawn by me:
Lac in Black
This was my entry for the Thought Bubble 2013 Comic Art Competition and will be published in the 2014 Thought Bubble Anthology later this year. It’s a conversation between a father and son about the insects used in the manufacture of old shellac records and artist’s ink.


ORT is my first self-published solo comic for a long time. It’s set in Iceland – one of my favourite places on Earth – and has a lot of birds in it. And it should will be finished in time for Thought Bubble.


The Day Of The Triffids
I had the dream job of adapting John Wyndham’s novel into a 12-part newspaper strip. Writing it took about ten times longer than the drawing.


The Enhancer
My first story for 2000AD, I wrote it with my brother Pete. The idea was based on a comic I self-published in the 90s.


Fiction comics:

It’s Not What you’re Worth, written by Ferg Handley
Set in an English public school and the trenches of WWI France, this was my first small-press collaboration.


The Stitch, written by Simon Spurrier
My most recent work for 2000AD, a decades-spanning story of love, murder and madness, in five pages.


St. Vincent’s Rock, written by Eugene Byrne
An all-ages webcomic about creatures of myth and legend awakened in the present day.


The Scarifyers #1, written by Simon Barnard
The first part of a comic adaptation of the audio adventure series.


M, written by Joe Johnson
A fictitious account of the artist Caravaggio’s final days.


Non-fiction comics:

Darwin: A Graphic Biography, written by Eugene Byrne
Darwin’s life and work in 100 pages, educational AND fun! Recently published in the USA by Smithsonian Books.


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