Portrait of Nathan Oliveira

I drew this directly in ink without any pencil underdrawing and remember feeling distinctly nervous! It was done exactly a year ago, one of 24 daily portraits of artists with December birthdays. It’s now owned by Alison Sampson, whose blog Space In Text I thoroughly recommend.
The best places I found to see Oliveira’s art were here and here.

Day 18 – Jonathan Yeo

Many happy returns to British artist Jonathan Yeo, who is 40 today. Jonathan is a self-taught painter whose portraits in oil include subjects like Tony Blair and Rupert Murdoch (below). However it was his collage portrait of George Bush jr. which brought him notoriety, being composed of fragments of pornographic magazines. Examples of both painting and collage can be found at the artist’s website.

Day 12 – Edvard Munch

Edvard Munch

The incomparable, unmistakeable Edvard Munch was born 147 years ago today. This beautiful colour lithograph, The Sick Child, was made in 1896.

The Sick Child