Portfolio update

In between deadlines we are working on consolidating various web presences into one online portfolio. For the time being, please look at Instagram, Flickr or the Gurr Illustration portfolio page.
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Merry Christmas from Simon and Julia. Wishing you the best for 2015.


Merry Christmas – Joyeux Noël – Gleðileg Jól

14 reasons Thought Bubble ’14 was even better than last year

A lot of people are saying this weekend’s Thought Bubble comic convention was the best there has ever been. Continue reading

Thank you Bristolcon

Pencils by Simon Gurr from 2000AD Time Twisters - The Stitch written by Simon Spurrier, exhibited at Bristolcon 2014

I went to Bristolcon yesterday. Their sixth, my fifth and also my most enjoyable so far. Continue reading

Recent Instagram posts

I have an Instagram account at http://instagram.com/simongurr which I use primarily for posting works in progress, warm-up sketches, and test drawings. Here are some images I’ve uploaded in the last few months.

Submission for the Draw Vader project run by James Howard


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History’s Greatest Monster

Rob Williams created Cla$$war, LowLife, The TenSeconders, The Royals and most recently Ordinary. He has thrown the likes of Wolverine, Judge Dredd and RoboCop into perils of his own devising. He was one of the brains behind 2000AD‘s cross-narrative spetacular Trifecta.  In short, he writes good comics. So I was delighted to have the chance to draw one of his scripts, especially when I read it and saw how funny it was. Continue reading

Who are you again?

A lot of the comics I’ve drawn or written have had a fairly small audience (or a big audience, but in a small location), chances are you’ve missed them. So here are ten comics I’ve done or am doing.

Comics written and drawn by me:
Lac in Black
This was my entry for the Thought Bubble 2013 Comic Art Competition and will be published in the 2014 Thought Bubble Anthology later this year. It’s a conversation between a father and son about the insects used in the manufacture of old shellac records and artist’s ink.


ORT is my first self-published solo comic for a long time. It’s set in Iceland – one of my favourite places on Earth – and has a lot of birds in it. And it should will be finished in time for Thought Bubble.
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