Unbuilt Bristol

My collaborator and hero Eugene Byrne has a new book out! Unbuilt Bristol: The City That Might Have Been 1750 -2050 documents a tantalising array of buildings and other developments which Bristol nearly got, but didn’t. You know, things like a gigantic pyramid made from wine bottles or a solar system scale model as big as the city itself.

Unbuilt Bristol by Eugene Byrne

From working with Eugene on comics like Brunel: A Graphic Biography and The Bristol Story, I know he has a brilliant grasp of the city’s history. But he has also written a lot of Alternate History fiction (probably most well known is Back In The USSA, with Kim Newman) so Unbuilt Bristol really plays to his strengths.

One of my illustrations is in the book, a Mount Rushmore-style tribute to Brunel, from plans submitted by the public for 200 Ideas for Bristol.

Unbuilt Bristol illustration by SImon Gurr

Unbuilt Bristol can be bought directly from the publisher, Redcliffe Press.
Eugene will be talking about The Bristol That Might Have Been and Might Still Be at the Arnolfini on 26 June