Below are some samples which I’ve put together to meet the description “cartoony artist”. (If you’re a cartoony artist reading this, talk to Nate Cosby. )

“Cartoony” is such an ambiguous adjective, not helped by the word “cartoon” referring to either animated or static images. I used to rankle at the label cartoonist, but I’ve come to embrace it. Partly, this is due to changes in my own reading tastes, but also through the work of Scott McCloud et al I’ve come to appreciate the immediacy of the simplified image. Besides, “cartoonist” is less of a mouthful than “comic strip creator”, and infinitely preferable to “graphic novelist”!

Within my own work, some is a lot more cartoon-like than others. My most recent artwork for 2000AD is probably my least cartoony comic strip art, but Joggers (3rd example below) was drawn in response to a brief that specified a cartoon style. In between, in degrees of cartooniness, is the facts-tempered-by-humour style of historical books like Darwin: A Graphic Biography and the more atmospheric combination of humour and horror required for The Scarifyers.

The Scarifyers #1 by Simon Barnard & Simon Gurr


Brunel: A Graphic Biography by Eugene Byrne & Simon Gurr




Pup Fiction


Darwin: A Graphic Biography by Eugene Byrne & Simon Gurr


ELT comic strip

For more cartoony drawings, take a look at my tumblr.

There’s a more general portfolio here.