Recent brushpen drawings

Malcolm Tucker, sketch after watching In The Loop. Please click this image to read the entry.
Because I’ve been storyboarding a new TV show for the last few months there isn’t much I can mention on here these days. However, I have been getting into brushpens again and thought I would post some recent drawings. These were all done with a Pentel brushpen but I have been looking at other Japanese fudepen, assisted greatly by my friend Faz Choudhury who is something of an authority on these instruments.
One of the obvious benefits of a brushpen, compared to a dip pen or a brush is its portable, pocketable convenience. It means I can start drawing immediately, which is useful when your subject is a rarely-still small child.
Watching television
Lunch In The Garden
Brushpens are fast, they just glide across the paper with none of the friction of a metal quill or even a marker pen. Because the line is black, there’s no room for fussing, the mark you make is the final mark, so the drawing gets finished much sooner than, say, a pencil sketch. For this reason I’m more inclined to do a quick sketch of something I enjoyed on TV, like Malcolm Tucker in In The Loop (top).
But mainly it’s the sheer pleasure of mark-making that causes me to pick up the brushpen. For a recent portrait (of renowned luthier Phil Davidson), I began with roughs drawn in brushpen ink and drew the final piece in pencil, the complete reverse of normal cartooning practice!
Phil sketch 1
Phil sketch 2
Detail from portrait of Phil Davidson

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