A couple of weeks ago I made a rare trip to the cinema and even donned ‘RealD’ 3D glasses for the first time in my life. This unusual behaviour was prompted by the release of DREDD, the new film written by Alex Garland, which I really hoped would do justice to the 2000AD character I grew up with.

I was not disappointed. In fact, a day hasn’t gone by when I didn’t wish I could see it again. It’s still in cinemas here in the UK, (having debuted at no.1 in the box office) but it only opened this weekend in the United States and I’m envious of Americans who have more opportunities than me to enjoy this visual feast!

The central performances were excellent. Olivia Thirlby is one of the film’s great strengths and I was inspired to draw her as rookie judge Anderson.

(I was so overwhelmed by cinematographer Anthony Dod Mantle‘s inoxicating colours that I decided to stay safely in black & white for this!)

The main setting of the film, Peach Trees city block, was a wonderfully evocative location. Here I felt I could see most clearly the influence of comic artist Jock, whose interpretation of Judge Dredd I’ve always admired, and who worked on the film. (I’m lucky enough to own a page from Jock’s Dredd debut strip and even then he completely understood how to show Dredd and his world).

It was Peach Trees which inspired my next drawing. I’ve ended up including Dredd, but I started off trying to capture a sense of the space contained by the mega-building. Dredd just marched into it. [Please, click on the image to see it at a decent size.]

I decided to use this ‘digital woodcut’ style after revisiting an old portrait of Dredd drawn a long time ago but which I think is the closest I’ve come to capturing his character.


Anyway, if you’ve read this far and haven’t booked tickets to see Dredd, do it now – it’s worth it!

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